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Spring 2019 

Introduction to MIG Welding 

Dates: Thursday and Friday 2/14-3/1 

Time: 3-5pm 

Location: Center for Contemporary Arts II, Room 126, FASTnER Lab 

Lab Fee: $150 

Instructor: Christian Benefiel

Description: Metal inert gas (MIG) welding is an exciting and quick way to learn the fundamentals of structurally joining metal. The course will cover basic processes, safety procedures, materials, and design techniques for MIG welding. Limited space is available. 

Decorative Woodworking


Dates: Fridays 3/22- 4/26 

Time: 3-5pm 

Lab Fee: $100 

Location: Center for Contemporary Arts II, Room 126, FASTnER Lab 

Instructor: Mike Mendez 

Description: Learn the fundamentals of fine woodworking, explore the characteristics of wood, and learn how to select the best wood for specific uses while creating a decorative box. Obtain hands-on experience using a variety of tools, with an emphasis on safety in addition proper equipment maintenance. Class includes lectures, demos, and one-on-one instruction. 

Lost Wax Metal Casting 

Dates: Mondays 3/18-4/15 

Time: 5-7pm 

Lab Fee: $150 

Instructor: Alyssa Imes 

Description: An exciting method to turn intricate and organic forms into metal is through the lost wax casting process. This course will allow students to create their own small casting by learning how to manipulate wax, use ceramic shell, and learn methods to finish their metal castings. Students are welcome to the Fastener Lab metal casting events, but are not required to attend or participate.  

Digital fabrication with Lasers 

Dates: Mondays 2/11-3/4 

Time: 5-7pm 

Lab Fee: $65 

Instructor: K. Dartt 

Description: Turn your drawings or photos into specialty objects with the use of a laser. This course will focus on the fundamentals of using image editing software and computer-aided drawing (CAD) software to create personalized objects with a laser cutter and engraver. Learn how this piece of equipment can engrave images on a variety of materials or cut precise designs for a wide range of applications. A basic understanding of computers is advised, but not required.  


3D Printed Self Portrait 

Dates: Mondays 3/18-4/8 

Time: 5-7pm 

Lab Fee: $65 

Instructor: K. Dartt 

Description: 3D printing may look intimidating; however, it is easy to get started. Learn the fundamentals of computer-aided drawing software and photogrammetry in order create and manipulate 3D models. The class will follow a step-by-step process to merging a 3D scan of your head with another object that will be printed in the Fastener Lab. The Fastener lab provides materials, tools and safety equipment. 

3D Print 2

Blacksmithing Basics 

Dates: Wednesdays 3/20- 4/24 

Time: 5-7pm 

Lab Fee: $150 

Instructor: Patrick Todd 

Description: Blacksmithing is the timeless craft of heating metal in order to shape it. This class will cover the tools and techniques to give the student a basic understand of blacksmithing. A series of small projects will teach students proper techniques to safely shape metal. The class will include discussion and lectures on materials and tools needed as well as how to operate a coal and gas fired forge. 


Decorative Glass Fusing 

Dates: Thursday and Friday 4/11-4/12 

Time: 4-7pm 

Lab Fee: $100 

Instructor: Leanna Quade 

Description: Learn the basic processes of working with glass by making a set of your own coasters in a two-day workshop. Internationally known visiting glass sculptor, Leanna Quade, will teach students design techniques used to fuse glass in variety of ways. The class will have step-by-step tutorials, discussion about the materiality of glass and expert guidance from our guest artists. 

Glass Fusing 2

Decorative Concrete Garden Sculpture 

Dates: Wednesdays 3/20-4/24 

Time: 3-5pm 

Lab Fee: $100 

Instructor: K. Dartt 

Description: Concrete is a versatile material that can be used to make everything from roads to sculptures. This class will cover a basic concrete casting method that can be used to make countertops or decorative sculpture. The class will focus on a step-by-step process to create a colorful sculpture that can be used as a birdbath, planter or functional garden ornament. 

Introduction to Paper Making 

Dates: Wednesdays 3/20-4/3 

Time: 5:30-7:30pm 

Lab Fee: $100 

Instructor: Nevada Tribble 

Description: In this class students will learn how to make their own paper and learn about the paper making process. We will discuss different 2-D and 3-D applications of paper making, and students will have the opportunity to experiment with the processes. All materials will be provided for participants. 

Advanced Open Lab 


Time: Spring Semester 2019 

Lab Fee: $250 

Instructor: K. Dartt, Mike Mendez 

Description: This course is for students who have already taken a class in the Fastener Lab and are looking to continue learning a process through self-directed projects that can be completed throughout the semester. Instructors Kay Dartt and Mike Mendez will provide instruction and advisement in areas of casting, digital fabrication, woodworking and metalworking. Students may use the lab during open hours and receive training from instructors when they are available in the lab. Lab fee goes towards a variety of materials and maintenance costs for a student to use the lab the entire semester in a variety of areas. Depending on the depth and duration of the project a student may be asked to purchase additional consumables for the lab. 

Shaker Boxes 

Dates: Wednesdays 3/20- 4/10 

Time: 10am-12pm 

Lab Fee: $125 

Instructor: Dave Barnes 

Description: Students will cut, drill, steam bend, hammer copper tacks and sand to finish these cherry wooden boxes. Tools used will be hammer, drill press, band saw, hammer and utility knife. History of the boxes and finishing options will be discussed. Tools required: pencil and a rigid utility knife. (box cutter non folding type). All other tools and materials will be provided. 

Shaker boxess

Nantucket Basket Class

Dates: Mondays 3/18 – 4/8 

Time: 10am-12pm 

Lab Fee: $125 

Instructor: Candy Barnes 

Description:  Basket Dimensions: 6” tall x 7” wide. Custom-made pedestal, base, rim and lid. Students will insert reed staves into a base and weave with cane over a 7’ round class mold. Various colored reed will be available for individual custom accents. The turned rim will be glued on. Students will need to notify the teacher of their wood choice. Available in cherry, black walnut or sapele. Sapele is a ribbon figured mahogany.  

7 inch Pedestal baskets 3