ART 240 – Tools, Craft, and Technique

(3cr) An introduction to the processes, materials and tools used in fabrication and functional design. Students learn the basics of woodworking and other materials, prototyping and directive oriented drawing in the context of furniture and object design curriculum.

ART 250 – Sculptural Forms

ART 340 – 3-D Digital Fabrication

(3cr) Introduction to digital 3-D modeling and prototyping using 3-D printing, laser/plasma cutting and CNC milling. Students work across a variety of materials in a design oriented curriculum. Emphasis is on creating 3-D virtual models of designs and the process of translating these drawings to working prototypes using digital manufacturing techniques and processes.

ART 350 – Media and Concept

ART 450 – Advanced 3-D Studio

(3cr) An in-depth exploration of conceptual, process and aesthetic principles involved in making physical objects and time-based artwork. Students work under guidance to produce a body of work pertaining to a common idea or goal.  Previously titled Advanced Sculpture Studio. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 credits.

Prerequisites: ART 240, ART 250, ART 340, or ART 350

ART 451 – Capstone Sculpture

(3cr) Offered in the fall semester of the senior year of study. Students begin a conceptually based body of work that challenges and enlarges their skills in the manipulation of sculpural media and materials. Students are expected to create works that will be part of the Senior Exhibit and as such should demonstrate technical and contemporary awareness at a level appropriate for a graduating senior who expects to enter graduate programs in sculpture or who expects to compete for grant, internship, and gallery representation after earning their BFA degree in sculpture. To be taken during the last 36 hours before graduation.

Prerequisites: ART 410, ART 450, ART 475

ART 476 – Capstone Interdisciplinary Studio

(3cr) Offered in the spring semester of the senior year of study. Students continue and complete a conceptually-based body of work begun in ART 435, or 451, or 465, capstone level courses in the discipline that challenge and enlarge skills in the manipulation of media and materials. Special consideration is given to the appropriate method of presentation for the completed body of work and to developing the vocabulary and contemporary connections that will assist the student in clearly defining and discussing their work within the context of contemporary artistic dialogue. To be taken during the last 18 hours before graduation.

Prerequisites: ART 434, ART 450, or ART 464; and ART 475 and ART 410

Corequisite: ART 490