Taller de láser

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Laser cutting/engraving training will cover the basic process to cut and engrave different materials using an Epilog Helix laser cutter/engraver. This tool allows you to cut objects from Adobe Illustrator, Rhino, and Coral Draw files as well as engrave from most common image files. People working in photography, illustration, printmaking, sculpture and computer engineering have used this tool to create amazing things.

Materiales comunes que se puede cortar/grabar:

  • Madera
  • Acrílico
  • Tela
  • Mylar
  • Cartón mate


Se necesita:

  • Usar pantalones largos y camisa de fibra natural. No debe usar ropa suelta
  • Usar zapatos con puntera cerrada

Por favor, llegar preparado. Si no, no se puede participar en el taller.

Please check the calendario for dates and times. If you are interested in taking the training workshop please sign up for one session on a sign-up sheet posted outside the FASTEnER Lab, Room 125 in CCA II. Please contact Kevin Dartt at kdartt@shepherd.edu you have any questions or stop by the FASTEnER Lab.