This machine requires approval for use. The best way for students to get approval is by taking ART 400 3D Digital Fabrication. All students are eligible to use the printers, but only qualified technicians should be working on the machines. If a machine goes down please alert the FASTEnER Staff, Do NOT attempt to repair machines independently.

Fastener has a Makerbot Replicator 2x which takes 1.75mm Filament ABS Plastic. It is possible to print using other materials using this machine, but it will require modifying the settings outlined in the G-code for your file. Successful Prints can be cast in metal- for more info, look at our Foundry page

Driver software for the Makerbot can be found here-
Cura is now available for use with our Lulzbot Taz printer: Click here to download

Here are some important things to remember while using FFF Printers

  • If you need help- Ask! 3D printing is a process and skill like everything else, there are people at FASTEnER that can hep you with preparing your model for a successful print.
  • Users are expected to provide their own filament for prints
  • All files must be Manifold- That is to say closed solid forms in STL format, with no voids, holes, errant geometry or duplicate geometry.
  • All objects should be placed on the build platform before printing
  • Try a small one first to test viability! Also, make sure you are selecting raft/support settings appropriately for your model
  • You are responsible for monitoring your own print under construction.
  • You may print from either the Lab machine, a personal Laptop, or using the SD card Reader on the machine.
  • Not everything prints correctly the first time, Remember that this is a process, and it takes both skill and patience to do well!