Plasma Cutter Tutorials
CNC (metal)

// **** You must Talk to Lab Staff before Using This Machine****//

We would like to check out your geometry and File before you run anything on this machine. We want to check things out for duplicates, common mistakes, and sound Geometry/tool paths before the torch fires off.

Our Plasma Table has a 48×48″ Build envelope. The machine is capable of 2 axis cutting up to 3/4 in mild Steel, as well as aluminum and Stainless steel. We only cut new material on this machine, any old or rusty materials require students to also provide dedicated consumable parts for the torch head

The Most reliable way of file Preparation is importing an dxf file of the desired shapes into the Torchmate CAD software on the Control Machine.While The UI on this machine is different than many other CAD programs, it is relatively straightforward and strictly 2D. The software recognizes holes and borders and using male cuts automatically creates tool paths with the correct hierarchy and offsets.

You can also import 2D  dxf files for online cuts directly into the control/driver torchmate software, but it will generally only work for simple files.

A dxf is a type of vector file that can be exported from rhino, Adobe software, most other CAD programs, or vector design software. you can also create your own toolpaths using design software by giving a 1/16th in offset in the cam program of choice.

A good habit on this machine is to set the Feedrate to 100 in/Min When creating the Gcode file, (.fgc) and adjust the cutting speed in the control software by percentage to arrive at the correct speed for your voltage and material.

Consult with the Tech, Faculty or Manager on duty when using this machine, it cannot be run unattended.