In this intensive three-day workshop, participants will learn foundry processes to make cast iron sculpture with an emphasis on mental well-being through creative processes. Professional artists and fabricators will help guide the workshop to teach step by step foundry processes and creative methods that can be used in life-affirming way. Veterans of all backgrounds are welcome to apply regardless of artistic talent. 


Participants will:  

Learn how to make a sand mold for metal casting 

Help prepare the metal and materials for their sculpture  

Receive an introduction to the design and operation of a cupola furnace capable of melting iron 

Participate in the iron pour 



Day 1: 10am – 5:00pm (approx.)  

Morning: 10am-12am 

Meet n greet 

Safety lecture/liability waivers                                      

Facility tour                                                                             

Lunch break 12pm-1pm 

Afternoon 1pm-5pm 


Moldmaking ! 


Day 2:  9am – 5:00 (approx.)  

Morning: 10am-12pm  

Finish Molds 

Safety meeting 

Lunch break: 12pm-1pm 

Afternoon: 1pm-5pm 

Furnace Discussion 

Material Prep 


Day 3: 9am - TBD  

Safety meeting 

Pour floor prep 

Furnace burn-in 

Pour molds 


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