Solid Modeling Tips for CNC

This video will begin to discuss laying out sections of 3D model for CNC cutting. Operation that will be covered are Rotation, Mobile C-Plane, Curve Boolean, extracting surfaces.

Laying Out Parts in Rhino

This video continues the process to layout parts for CNC cutting. Operations in this video include scaling in 1 dimensions, boolean difference, Unroll surface.

Making Dog Bones

This video continues the process of laying out parts for cnc cutting. Operations in this video include curve from surface and the process to make dog bones.

Nesting Parts

The final video in the layout process discusses nesting.

RhinoCam Profile Cuts 1

This video goes over the basics of using RhinoCam, setting up your postscript, work zero and creating a simple 2-1/2 axis cut.

RhinoCam Profile Cuts 2

This video is a continuation of doing 2 1/2 axis profile cute in RhinoCam.

In order to sign up for a time to use the CNC Router Download this worksheet, fill it out and have it signed by an instructor or lab manager.