A full array of fabrication tools and methods are available for use at the FASTEnER Lab.
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Wood Shop

As the most accessible space in the lab, the equipment and tools here allow people with varying degrees of experience to use the space. Projects can range from using simple hand tools to those used in fine woodworking processes.

Digital Fabrication Equipment

Digital fabrication is a process in which computers control the equipment to manipulate material. Tools in this area include 3D printers, CNC plasma table, CNC router, and a laser cutter/engraver.

Metal Shop

Within this section of the lab a variety processes can be used to join and cut different types of metal. This includes common forms of welding, brazing, material preparation, patination, cutting and blacksmithing.


Materials that can be cast in the lab range from plastics, waxes, ceramics and metal. The flexibility of this area supports a variety of casting processes ranging from plaster mold making to intense iron casting events.